Advice please?


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Here's the deal. I had a decent paying job before leaving to instruct full-time in the summer of 2006. I saw the door hiring door closing at the end of 2007 and made the move in a regional in December. There are a little more than a hundred pilots below me at the regional based in ATL. I love it here and hope I can stay. But like everybody at the bottom, I contemplate my future daily. I'm tired of commuting while on reserve but don't want to move my wife and kids here only to get F'ed.

With all this on my mind I had an interesting phone call today...not scheduling but my old boss from 2006. He hasn't been able to fill my position with a fully qualified person. He asked if it'd be possible to for me to come back; if not for good then for 6-9 months to train somebody. Now a furlough wouldn't be so bad.

Like I said before, I love flying. Love flying here, but hate the uncertainty right now. Although the company isn't talking about furloughs seeing the lines for September makes me wonder.

I don't know. What would you do? Take the new offer and come back later...or stick it out.

Maybe I just had a rough day and am just venting....probably but some input would be nice.


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The only thing certain in the airline business is uncertainty. It's a way of life, more or less, even at the good places. Sure, Delta SAYS they won't cut flights or close hubs, but there's no guarantee that'll happen. Republic and Skywest, two of the most stable regionals out there, are seeing major changes. Same with Eagle. A month ago, I wasn't sure if I'd still be a CA by this time b/c of our Delta dealings. That's settled for now, but who knows how we'll shake out in the merger. If uncertainty is something you don't like dealing with, airline flying may not be the best fit for you.

Number one thing: family comes first. I understand not wanting to move the family out there, and I'd probably do the same thing in your shoes, even though commuting sucks. I'm one of the lucky ones that lives in base and happen to be based where I grew up. It's not where I WANT to live, but it works for now. Talk things over with your wife and decide together.


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We're in a good company - September shows they're willing to make some sacrifices to retain pilots. It's going to be a lean month and reserve (especially commuting) will suck because of the sparse flying, but you're still in a good spot. Did you consider bidding for a COMA line? Also, maybe you could work out an LOA for the'd lose seniority and longevity but things will pick up next spring and you'd have an airline job to come back to.