Advice on Wrightway or Sunrise Aviation in Daytona


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Does anybody have any experience with either of these schools or other FBOs in the central Florida area? I live in Mount Dora and am seriously considering the smaller school / FBO route after touring both FS and Pan Am last week -- too commercial and pricey for me right now. Any thoughts are highly appreciated.

I went down to Wrightway last summer for some pre-interview preparation and had a fantastic experience. They were all very friendly and helpful. I was impressed with them both personally and professionally. They seem to have a large number of students yet each student is an individual and not a number. I would strongly recommend you at least check them out. I did not get any certificates or ratings there. As I said, I was only there to prepare for an interview, which was successful I might add. The last I knew, they had developed some interview agreements with several companies such as Airnet Express, Continental Express, and American Eagle.

Good luck. Be well and fly safe.


They do have a website at