Advice on getting hired as a Customer Service Agent


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Well, here goes another advice question from me.

As stated in my previous post, I decide to try and get a job at the airport as a CSA. Skywest is the airline that serves the airport I live next to, and the agents there "do everything" (ticketing, boarding, and ramp operations). I would really like to work there as it is in an "aviation" environment, and that the job will help me save money to start flight training.

The only worries I have is that this would be my first job every applying for and I dont have any other experiences (other than watch my neighbors pet for weeks). Will this hinder my chances for getting hired? How difficult is the job? Is there anything I could do to help my chances of getting hired?

Thanks for your help!


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Don't feel bad dude. I've never had a regular 9-5 job in my life either.
I've been working as a professional musician since age 12. I don't know what is it like to get up every morning at 7 A.M. Traveling almost every week in airliners from country to country is what made me wanna be a pilot.....


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Station managers look for attitude and aptitude in hiring their station agents. If you have a good attitude/work ethic, and a sincere interest in the position, they'll give you a chance. The airline will provide all necessary training, and it'll give you a great introduction to airline life & operations. Good luck!


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I'm thinking about doing the same thing. JetBlue is starting service to BOS on January 7. Coincidently enough, I'm going to be home then. Do you think this is a good time pass around my resume and shake hands or should I just fill out the online form?


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I worked as a CSA for two years at DIA.
Your best bet is to go down there in person and talk to someone about filling out an app.

Most people applying for these jobs have no previous airline expierence so don't worry about that. The hiring practice seemed to be more about how much they liked you and if they could stand to work with you every day as opposed to previous expierence. My only job before that was lift attendent at a ski resort.

One huge factor with HR was how long they thought you would be around. Customer service burns people out pretty fast and the turnover rate was very high. This ends up costing the company alot of $$......


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DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding... I have been a CSA for 12 yrs now and just remain flexible because things change daily or even hourly.