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I just saw an ad for ATA in the April '03 issue of AOPA Flight Training magazine. I know there's a lag btw submission and printing.....just thought it a bit ironic. "Ask about our NEW 1500 hour ATP program" is sprawled across the top of the ad.

Seriously, though, my sympathies to the students who were left out in the cold. I hope they can grab the greedy corporate swine by the short hairs and get back what is still rightfully theirs.

I just got something in the mail from from them last week. It was mailed on the 23rd. How ironic is that. They had to have known that they were doomed, yet they still were sending out "fish hooks" to those unsuspecting individuals.
I will post it again:

The owners and management did everything they could to keep the place open. New ads were contracted in three major aviation magazines: AOPA Pilot, Flying and Flight Training. A new sales person was hired and started the same week they closed the place down. We had a booth reserved for the Oshkosh show. Now tell me, do you really think they (owners) knew the place was about to be closed. Something else happened that required the owners or someone else to lock the place up. I don't think the owners did this to screw all the students and employees. If they knew the place was in that much trouble, they would have filed chapter 11 bankruptcy first, then lock it up.

The employees were not paid for the last week. Isn't there a federal law against not paying employees, even if you file chapter 11?
You can file Chp 11 and still pay your employees as far as I know. Unless UAL and USAir are paying their employees in vouchers.

Considering that they were apparently taking deposits up until the last few days and haven't made an appearance ever since, the Williams's are on my short list of people that done irreparable damage to the flight training industry.