Adivsory Circulars


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Do you guys have a binder/ notebook/ folder/ something that you have your A/C's printed out, or do you just pull it up online?

If you have them printed out, which ones do you have?



Yep, I keep all FAA pubs including Advisory Circulars on my tablet. I use them quite a lot too, having them handy I'm sure is the main reason.


No, I just save them as I come across them. There's a lot of good stuff collected here that you can browse by topic area:

Here's a list of some commonly referenced AC's and other's I've picked up.

AC 60-22 Aeronautical Decision Making
AC 60-28 English Language Skills
AC 61-65e Certification of Pilots and Flight Instructors
AC 61-67c Stall and Spin Awareness Training
AC 61-84b Role of Pre-Flight Preparation
AC61-98A Currency and Additional Qualification Requirements
AC90-34 Accidents Resulting From Wheelbarrowing in Tricycle Gear Airplanes
AC 90-42f Traffic Advisory Practices at Uncontrolled Airports
AC 90-48c Pilot’s Role in Collision Avoidance
AC 90-66a Recommended Traffic Patterns at Uncontrolled Airports
AC 91-13 Cold Weather Operation of Aircraft
AC 91-55 Reduction of Electrical Failures Following Aircraft Starting
AC91-63b Temporary Flight Restrictions
AC 150/5340-1 Standards for Airport Markings
AC 150/5340-18 Standards for Airport Sign System
AC 150/5340-30 Design and Installation for Airport Visual Aids
Order 880.6 Conduct of Airmen Knowledge Tests
FAA-H-8083-1 Aircraft Weight & Balance Handbook
FAA-H-8083-3 Airplane Flying Handbook
FAA-H-8083-9 Aviation Instructor’s Handbook
FAA-H-8083-15 Instrument Flying Handbook
FAA-H-8083-25 Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
FAA-S-8081-4 Instrument Rating Practical Test Standards
FAA-S-8081-6 Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards
FAA-S-8081-12 Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards
FAA-S-8081-14 Private Pilot Practical Test Standards

It's also nice to know a bit about maintenance techniques sometimes, which can help identify problem areas or acceptable/unacceptable repairs.

AC 43.13-1 Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices - Aircraft Inspection and Repair
AC 43.13-2A Acceptable Methods Techniques and Practices - Alterations


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+1 for having electronic copies. I had originally printed out most of the AC's in rframes's list, and stuck them in a binder. It was a 4" thick mess of one-sided pages, which made it difficult to work with. You will also find that having a search function is key since most of the AC's are long-winded and a bit dry. Good stuff through. I highly recommend reading most if not all of the AC's listed above.


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Yeah this is going to be a painful process of finding all of these and saving them, buuut yeah it sure beats the heck out of having a binder....oh well ill dig it later!


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I would add AC 91-67 “Minimum Equipment Requirements for General Aviation Operations under Part 91”.


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Are you talking about in the beginning when it says that the PTS are based on the following references? Then lists all the regs and the ac's...

Autothrust Blue

Commander Air Group, BSG-75
Yeah this is going to be a painful process of finding all of these and saving them, buuut yeah it sure beats the heck out of having a binder....oh well ill dig it later!
My stuff is all in Dropbox, and I read them with Stanza. I add a document on my computer, it shows up in Dropbox on the iPad.

Oh, and on a notoriously picky note, I think it's "Advisories Circular" just as its "courts-martial" and "surgeons general."


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Oooh well aren't we getting fancy eh?

I found an FAA publication which is pretty good, its the Aeronautical Chart User's Guide. Pretty helpful to give to a student who has never seen a sectional.