Address on medical?


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Am I required to update it? It expires in two months anyway but my employer is bugging me about it now.

I have googled the hell out of this and I cant seem to find anything. Anyone have a reg or site to cite? My ID and cert match...just not my medical...old address.
If you update your address through FAA dot gov it'll be taken care of. Same as if you've earned another rating or certificate and updated your address on the 8710 since you received that medical.

I was once ramp checked and had that situation, the inspector wanted to hang me for not updating my address in the specified window because my newest certificate had the new address but the medical was the old address. Our meeting ended with me saying "Go through your channels and tell me where I live and we'll go from there." It never went farther than that.
I once asked the FSDO if they could update my SODA (color vision) because it has an ancient address on it. They said, "no we dont care about that, just keep your pilot certificate current".
Am I required to update it?

No, but making your boss happy is the problem. Maybe you could go to this web site:

and pull up the address the FAA has for you, print it out and show it to him and that will make him happy.

You can also try calling 405-954-4821, which is the FAA's medical certification office and ask them for any available written guidance that shows it is not required.


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