adding pictures?


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Hi all. I have a picture or two I'd like to share but a question comes too.

How does one add pictures on the body of the post as a picture and not a link or thumbnail?

I tried searching but coming up empty.

Use a separate website like or to upload your photos to. Then input the address of the photo into your post by clicking the little icon for a picture (yellow with mountains and moon or something) and they should show up.
Hey JetsGoWee do the sites you list work for video? I have several video's I need to compress and share & I'm not much for posting on YouTube.:confused:
I know photobucket doesn't do vids and pretty sure flickr doesn't either. I believe there's an option on youtube to keep the vids private, though I'm not totally sure.
When I was in VCE, it was cold, windy and empty.

Probably because Captain "Not So Fantastic" scared the entire island away.