Adderrol / Vyvanse


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Its my understanding that the FAA's position on the above medications, if prescribed for ADHD then you may not hold an airmen certificate. Question is, what if the medicine is prescribed for something other then ADHD and in an adult with no adverse side effects noted. Now I know with Adderrol (sp) the chemical composition is amphetamine based with the known "Crash" side effect as it wears off. I know that the Vyvanse is still an amphetamine derivative however the side effects are less notable and there is no crash. I have seen no mention in any FAA issuings that preclude Vyvanse/ or the chemical compound medicines found in it, as opposed to adderrol where it is prohibited ? Any guidance, is the newer, improved Vyvanse okay to be prescribed and still hold a class 1 medical ?? discuss...:beer:
As far as the FAA is concerned, these drugs are both disqualifying for all classes of medical certificate. If you took the drugs at one time and no longer require them, the FAA may grant you a medical certificate at the discretion of the Federal Air Surgeon.