Accepting Part 61 training at UND?


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Does anyone know if the University of North Dakota acknowledges previous Part 61 training for a PPL? I'm working out of a FBO under 61 in Columbus and I hear that not all aeronautical universities accept 61 experience.

I've been traveling around the country for three weeks and I have not had the chance to post anything. Ironically, I was at KMSP when I heard that NWA is asking all unions to accept pay cuts. Furthermore, they have spoke with the pilot union and they are asking for a 23% pay cut from all pilots. When will these airlines realize that pay cuts from employees is a short term remedy? NWA cannot save itself into profitability.
I believe they will accept it...however you will have to go through a test course your first semester at UND. It pretty much is in place to make sure that you can perform to UND standards. It also depends on whether or not you have your PPL already, that will determine what course you go into (either 105 or 112) lruppert will have some better insight into this, I'm pretty sure he did what you are doing before going to UND.

Are you from Columbus, OH? Cause I go to UND and have yet to meet any fellow Ohioans up there. Would be nice to have another one up there!

I actually just finished up w/the 112 level course. 112 is the audit course for the student who had their pilots license prior to their arrival at UND. Its comprised of 14 lessons (either flight or ground instruction). In addition to the flight course, you'll have to go through the 141 ground school as well.

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Yeah I just visited last weekend. Like Matt said, you'll have to take the 14 lessons which are basically just the high points in their private pilot program. Also to get you used to the way they run things compared to your FBO

You'll also have to take the entire "Intro to aviation" course. Which I think is about the best thing you can do. If you do good in that and study the Jeppsen Prvt. pilot book you could almost use this class alone for your commercial license tranning.

The assistant dean of the odegard school of aeronautics told us its the most extensive time consuming course youll probly take in their program


Where did you train at stdntpilot? I worked on my PPL at a Part 61 on OSU for the better part of this year

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I fly with Bolton Flying Service at TZR. My instructor is Whitlow Wyatt.
I enjoy flying with this FBO, but I do get tired of some of the problems that our aircraft have from time to time, (doors that won't latch on two Skyhawks that easily.