Accepted for August PACE


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Hello All,
I will be going to start the PACE program in August and am trolling to see who else on this board will be there. As for me I did all my previous time through the fbo's starting in 12/99 and finishing with my comm and inst ME rating 2/2001. Right now I have about 315 hours. I'm planning on taking a week before going to farmington to buy time w/Lenair aviation out of San Diego on an Aztec as a final instrument proficiency sharpener. Will continue studying my jepps and Gleims ATP book over the summer. As this will be a major career change for me I am hoping to bust my butt and get through as fast as possible to minimize the effects of being partially unemployed. I have $12k set aside for the program and don't plan on working while there. Anyone else either going in August or in the PACE care to share your experiences?

I am also considering the PACE program. I have 275 hours and am currently working on my instrument rating. I hope to have my instrument and commercial certificates by early next year. Once you begin training, could you please post your thoughts on the program. Good luck. Rick
I am definitely considering PACE. I am really unhappy at my FBO, and sadly its the best one in the area (Spokane sucks...). I've been trying hard to get time, but if its not Mx, its Wx, or the instructors are booked. Translation? 20 hours in 3 friggin months!!!!!! I'm considering building my time to 80 hours and with the PPL going to ATP. If they can get me hired, great, if not, then I take my accumulated time and head to Farmington, if they will have me. I'm almost 32, so I need to get this show on the road. ATP and Mesa both have loans, so I can finance my way through all this flying... I also have my IRA and house, should that be needed...

Anyone going or already at Mesa, post your experiences!


Although expensive (about 30 K), ATP will take you from an 80 hour private pilot to MEI in about 100 days. The price includes housing. My understanding is that once you finish the program you can instruct for ATP for about 8 to 10 months, at which time you can be hired by a regional. So if you do the ATP route, I am not sure you need to do the PACE route. Anyway, once you start ATP, you will probably be a regional F/O in about a year. Rick
Congrats on choosing the PACE program. I am looking into it. Would you mind dropping me an email?

How long do you anticipate it will take?

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Hey,guys. I am going to a PACE interview at the end of June and I believe that it is a pretty good deal. To be eligible for PACE you do have to already have all your ratings through Commercial Multi- Instrument, 300 total time, and a two year degree. If you have any questions I will try to answer them. Post away.
Hey learman...
How you feeling as far as the interview goes? Have they told you for what semester they are interviewning for? Also do you have any news on whether or not they will be getting a CRJ sim and changing the 1900 training? I am so anxious to get started since this job is killing me. Anyways good luck again and talk to you later.

Heynekamp et al,

Mind sharing some more info on the PACE program?

- What did your interview consist of? Were they checking you knowledge? Or attitude? Or bank account?

- Why the instrument brush up on an Aztec simulator? Is this your idea, or did someone at Mesa suggest it?

- Any idea where most of the new hires go?


I can't find anything about the pace program. What is it? What does it cost? What do you get, and where does it get you? I have all my ratings and 300 hours. I am currently at Pan Am but I have been hearing that this PACE program is good. Please help,


Basically, PACE (Professional Airline Career Enhancement) is a pay for training type program sponsored by Mesa Airgroup. To be accepted to the program, you need your Commercial Multi with instrument, at least 300 hours, and will have to pass an interview. The program lasts about 19 weeks and costs about 12K. The course will be conducted at Farmington, NM, and will consist of ground school, 10 hours in a Baron, 20 hours in a Frasca 242 Baron sim, 10 hours in a Beech 1900D, and 20 hours in an ATC 920 Turbine Flight Training Device. Upon completion, you are guaranteed a F/O interview (not a job) with Mesa Airgroup. If hired, you will work for on of Mesa Airgroup's affiliated airlines (America West Express, U.S. Air Express, etc.). All in all, a quick way to the airlines without the need to flight instruct. The program appears to be very similar to the ASA program at Flight Safety, which costs 30K. Contact phone number is 1-800-232-6327, ext. 8000.
I have formed a yahoo clubs discussion group for all potential, future, current and past Mesa Pilot development students. It is similar in format to the current Mesa employee board and hopefully this will make it easier to get info from the current pilots to help the upcoming pilots gain the information needed to consider and succeed in the program. Address is: