Accelerated CMEL/CSEL?


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I hear a lot of negative opinions on accelerated flight training programs, like ATP. I'm considering doing my commercial certificates through them. I have my PPL and by the time I start at ATP I'll have my instrument rating and about 220-230 hours. I think because I have some experience and will have these two ratings it wouldn't be bad like if I was being pushed through from 0. I guess maybe the biggest downside will be having instructors that are less experienced than the ones I've worked with.

It is ATP after all, so I know it'll be on the more expensive side. But considering my goal is to fly professionally, it just doesn't make sense to put off getting the multi experience. I could get the MEI much sooner and would feel much more confident applying to the regionals with 100+ multi time than the minimum. So my plan is to do my CMEL and CSEL with ATP, then I'm going to self study for the flight instructor ratings and finish that part 61. Though they're really trying to sell my the entire career track thing, but I just cannot justify spending an extra $25k when I'll already have 220 hours and PPL/IR. Plus I really don't care to instruct for them, it's not my style. I can learn "that way", and I'll need to get used to it at some point anyway since the airlines will be similar.

All my training has been done part 61. But at the rate of one flight per week, I feel like my training is just going to drag on. I don't want something that can be done in a few weeks to take a few months. I want to start instructing as soon as possible so I can get into the airlines before the window closes. That's not to say I'm just using instructing to build hours. I very much look forward to teaching people how to fly and plan on doing so for a couple years, and hopefully continue even after I'm flying for the airlines. Right now I work in customer service taking phone calls and it SUCKS. I mean, it literally sucks your soul.

Has anyone gone to ATP specifically for their commercial certificates? Pros/cons of doing the CPL training at a fast pace? Thanks!

Any other suggestions for accelerated CMEL/CSEL programs? Preferably on the west of the Mississippi! :)