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I'm new on this board, but like many of you have hit that "late 20's, what do I really want to do with my life" phase. I'm looking at possibly attending a flight academy, and am starting to view either DCA and FSI as top on my list.

I know on the DCA website they say that they'll fly you out there for free (space available). What I'm curious about is: how long can you stay there? Could I fly out and visit DCA, then the next day go visit FSI down in Vero? Or would Delta not allow you to stay long enough to visit one of their competitors?

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To answer your question, DCA will fly you out for the tour Non-rev on Delta/DC/DE. You will fly down there the day before the tour. You will take the tour the next morning and will fly back that afternoon. You will not have time to go shopping at other schools. If you want to do that, you'll have to pay for the trip yourself, so that you can stay as long as you need. They will still schedule you for a tour if you go on your own. My wife and I went non-rev, took the tour, and liked what we saw. I had toured FSI on a previous occassion on my own. You do have to pay for the hotel and airport shuttle, but it is discounted. I cant remember the price, but it should be in the paperwork DCA will send you if you do want to take the Non-rev/Tour.


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When I did the tour back in 2001, they flew me down and back home the same day. At the time they did not offer a shuttle service so I had to rent a car. I did not have time to visit any other schools.



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When I toured i rented a car for the day i was here and got a hotel, the holiday inn i think. it worked out to be just about the same amount of $$$ as the school charged for the shuttle and hotel. it was a short trip, but on one of the flights i did sit in first class which was cool.