AA to reduce overall flights?


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For you heavy metal folks. I have been hearing that although AA has stated that they will increase flight numbers in some areas. They are going to decrease the overall numbers by 8%.

More pilots out of work?
I don't know if any of you all heard or not, but AA has been planning for months to throw away 57 aircraft. They are adding flights in many cities & the same for American Eagle, but they're gettin rid of routes & planes they dont need. I know by the end of this year, probably around october...AA is gettin rid of one of their maintenance bases so right there is layoffs...they might do away with another reservation office sometime next year but until profits are up...cuttin back is needed...also...i just recently flew on AA...well...we only got a beverage & snack...of course...like on lots of flights..but AA just to pass out snacks from Rolls Gold...but now they have gone to Fisher which sucks...anything that will save them money i guess..
It's all about artificially controlling supply and demand--fewer flights = fuller flights = higher ticket prices, not to mention lower demand for crews.