AA to hire 1,500 FAs


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Murdoughnut said:
Time for Amber to go back to work! :D

Sounds like they're convincing the older cat ranchers to take a buyout so they can bring in lower priced labor - am I right?
She would be great for the training department!


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Smoke and mirrors. Theres a lot going on behind the scenes.

So they NEED to get rid of 2000 F/As, so they offer early-out buy-outs. Standing room only in attendance. They buy out a lot of senior (higher paid) F/As. Then they say they need to hire 1500?!

Oh yeah, and thankx for the offer of recall. Not.

This is announced 10 years and 1 day after the date of my 2nd furlough. (Therefore, 5 years and 1 day after my recall rights expired, so no, I will not be "going back".)

I would not encourage someone to leave another decent job to apply at AA for F/A. If you have no job, if you seriously really hate your job, go for it. But do NOT leave a good, stable job for it. That place is a train wreck right now.


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So Skywest IS putting in an offer on American eh?
Huh? I lost you on that one? I know Jerry's trying to go after the bigger regional flying, but who knows where it'll end up. I was flying a LAX trip on the 900 yesterday and as we taxied past the old "box" and now the "Eagles Nest" the FO and I were wondering if the name was going to change back. Then it dawned on me that SkyWest controls regional flying in the western United States, with the exception of Mesa in PHX and little sights of Republic doing Frontier flying here and there. I remember when I first started as an EMB FO, we had Mesa and Eagle in all the stations we went too. PSP, SBA, SBP, FAT........crazy how things turn out.


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Yup, there is currently an RFP out for 255 large regional jet flying for American Eagle. I'm guessing the lion's share will be given to Skywest Inc because of its access to excellent aircraft financing, and the rest given to Eagle(the airline), and Republic. Maybe 10-15 to GoJet also.

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