AA Pilot fined for flipping bird??


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I was just reading an article on another board and it mentioned this....


2nd American Jailed for Obscene Gesture in Brazil

Feb 7, 10:16 AM (ET)

SAO PAULO, Brazil (Reuters) - The second American in a month was arrested while entering Brazil for making an obscene gesture while being photographed by an immigration official, police said on Saturday.
Federal police in Foz do Iguacu on Brazil's border with Argentina and Paraguay said retired U.S. banker Douglas Allan Skolnick, 56, was jailed overnight for flipping his middle finger in a photo now required to be taken of all U.S. tourists entering Brazil.

Brazil began fingerprinting and photographing Americans entering the country in January after the U.S. government imposed a similar process on foreigners, except for those from 27 mostly European countries.

"Mr. Skolnick went before the judge this morning and opted to take the public prosecutor's offer that he pay a 15,000 real fine ($5,000) to avoid prosecution," said officer Marcos Koren of the Foz do Iguacu federal police.

Skolnick, who came into Brazil on a charter flight with 91 other tourists -- mostly American -- from Chile on Friday, is being held in his hotel room under police guard until he pays the fine, said Koren. He will then be free to leave Brazil.

Skolnick declined to comment.

On Jan. 14, an American Airlines pilot was arrested upon entry into Brazil via Sao Paulo, after flipping his finger in a photo. American Airlines paid a fine nearly $13,000 to free the pilot.


I hadn't heard anything about it so was just wondering if it was true?


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If this is true, then PT Barnum was right. There truly is a sucker born every minute. One of your countrymen got fined before, and you go and do the same thing?

Not smart.



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retired U.S. banker Douglas Allan Skolnick, 56, was jailed overnight for flipping his middle finger

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This second guy was an American (as in American citizen), but not a pilot.


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I know that....I was talking about the first guy....I hadn't heard about him until I'd read this article...I'm not asking about the second guy.

Read the last paragraph .....