A300Capt. Another 757 question.

Can't remember, sorry...been too long. It must be a maintenance function and having something to do with a "bite" test where the computer spits out a maintenance code if something is wrong.

are you talking about on the secondary eicas page? Is it a little blue message on that page in the bottom right corner? I couldn't find anything in any of my manuals regarding that phrase. However, the pilot manuals don't list the maint. messages displayed on that page, so I'm guessing a 57 mech would know better. I'll ask around for ya
Now that I think about it, the comparator bite message is displayed on the status page of the lower EICAS screen prior to the IRS alignment. The ADI's use IRS info for alignment. The comparator monitors both ADI's and displays an EICAS message if they're off by about 4 degrees between the two.
Does your AFM have a listing of all the status mesages? I only have a partial list among all the manuals I have. No need to post it, I'm just curious