A&P Refresher Courses


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I graduated from a part 147 school and for very bad reasons kept putting off getting the license. Now it's 2-1/2 years later and I've forgotten most of what I learned.

So that being said, are there any good fast track schools or refresher courses around that are legit? I've heard about "AMTMiami" and Bakers" in Nashville but I have no idea on whether or not they're any good.

As a side note, I've finished the written exams (within the last 2 years, so no issue there).

Any help is much appreciated.


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My school will be having an Airframe/General practicum, and a Powerplant practicum this coming Fall term (begins on the 22nd of September). Is three months long. It runs from Noon to two or three p.m. Monday thorough Friday.

Pretty much it goes through all the PTS ( you will actually do many of the projects ) and orals, prior to the actual FAA oral and practical (given in the house as well)

I don't think you have to go everyday, you pretty much make your own schedule with the teacher.

This is a Community college, so it is pretty inexpensive (around 80 bucks per credit). Each practicum is four credits, so you do the math.

I can guarantee you that the operation is legit :)

This is in Portland, Oregon. Link to the school :


Hope it helps, good luck!! :)