A&P Question


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Anyone attend one of those schools that get you your A&P license in a week or two? I know there is one in Georgia and Long Island, NY. Im working on getting my tickets and Im trying to find out the best place to go.
You must have to have prior experience to get in, right? Last I checked the FAA required 30 consecutive months for both, or 18 for one or the other.

(I'm signed off and studying for my "A").

Is it something for people who already have experience to just go get it done?
Yes, you have to have the experience before you can go, basically they teach you the test then give you the test, oral and practial. You have to meet with an FAA guy and he has to approve your experience.
Cool, I didn't even know such a thing existed. I've already been approved by the FAA, so I guess I'd be interested in something like this too. I really need to get that taken and out of the way.
Well I found out that there is a place in New York, www.americanairman.com, its self paced, usually 7-10 days and cost $1200. They guarentee your license. You do have to have FAA authorization. I know of a place in Georgia also, I think its alot cheaper, Im trying to find more info on it.