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New Helicopter Student Pilot Needs Advice
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Helicopter Student Pilot Training

Posted Yesterday at 19:38 by ABQHELI
Hello People!,I am new to this and also vey excited about my new choosen carrer as a Helo pilot, I am scared to death, this is going to cost me 95K!!! to make me a proffessional helicopter pilot w/ only 200 hrs of TT. I decided to refinance my house to get money to do this, I was lost with the student loans and no many institutions are willing to lend that kind of money w/out co-signer..I am married w/ 3 small children and a full time A&P Mechanic that always wanted to fly and I believe Helos are going to make me very happy! so help me God.. Now I need all you people's help with any advise that you might have, how is the future looks for a new helo pilot w 200 hrs? how is the job market outhere? does being a A&P helps me?. I will be starting training on Sep 2 in Albuquerque, with a brand new school named ENCHANTMENT HELICOPTERS we have one R22 and one R44 and they look almost new..Thank you for all the help!