A new way of getting airborne....

Awesome as it's never been done...but not all that impressive to my eye. The guys that do the endless combination's of flips and twists in half the height from jump to jump are doing the really amazing stuff imho. A stunt like this is all about the math much less then it's about the talent. But...it was quite entertaining.
While it is not as technical as the other freestyle riders, this one was WAAAAAAY more risky. That's what made this entertaining for me. The guys doing backflips and heel clickers are about 60-80 feet in the air. This guy is dropping in from like 300ft (i could totally be off, but it looks that big).

EDIT: 322ft
While it is correct that jumps like this are calculated, and so hypothetically pose little risk, that's never actually the case. The mere presence of wind that is different than planned for can have disastrous consequences, not to mention what mechanical failures can cause.

I used to race motocross, and it's awfully fun going 100 ft in the air over big doubles and triples, but I am still amazed at what the freestyle guys are doing while in the air (backflips, superman, etc). Either way, I can't say that I'd be remotely comfortable jumping up to the roof of a building, and even more so, coming back down!
and they said that those guys jumpling from clifts and diving away were craizy.!! (
http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_...m&show_title=1 )

I honestly would rather die flying like those guys.. than ´´trying to fly¨¨ .. and smashing the ground infront of thousands!.. That has to be a really nerve wrecking experience..
I wonder how many ¨¨flight hours¨¨ aka.. jumps, insurance companies require you to have before they let you do that on your own.... Can you log that as PIC?? :sarcasm: