A new day at Sierra Academy


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Anyone who has read through this forum has heard much about the questionable management. The management in question is gone, along with the owner. The new ownership and management of Sierra is KSAviation. The plans for the near future are quite promising, perhaps more than many of you are willing to believe. If anyone reading this is "riding the fence" about a decision to attend Sierra, I am certain that a month or two under this new ownership/management will convince you that Sierra is going to be a highly coveted place to train and work.

I imagine the following posts will contain much of the good news.
I had a good 15-20 minute meeting with the new owners (CEO and Operations) They were both all aware of the S***T that we all had been through and were completely open to suggestions. They told me next week there will be two new planes each week until they are all new, then they will do the sims. As for the operations of the flight school skip never really messed with training, and with the new gear Sierra will be able to puts its awsome training to the test. I have a renewed faith, I am actually looking forward to the next year at Sierra. The students and staff are great, I have meet some great people over the last few months. This event was a good test for everyone, and I hope no one has to go through this type of training enviroment. But at least there are blue skies ahead.
A few bits of info from today:

- ground school classes will resume the 14th & 15th (all but CFI and Comm/Multi are TBA)
- flight ops will resume as soon as new planes arrive, as well as some of the current planes are brought to the standards of the new dir. of maint. Most likely will be flying next week.
- Sierra name will not be changing
- Sierra now has 2 campuses, OAK and SCK.
- Due to the extensive work needed on the current building, the OAK campus will likely relocate later this year - the new location will remain in the bay area.
- KSAviation intends to have Sierra begin offering jet transition training. A B-737 sim is "in the works"
- In the near future, KSA plans to have a part 135 ops using King Air, Learjet, or Eclipse equipment. These aircraft will likely be flown by Sierra grads.

A giant leap in the right direction.
I hope they don't start an airline so they can have their pilots pay to be crewmembers...a la Gulfstream....
Even if they do, it dosn't mean we have to fly for them. We could just get our training, and apply for a real job where we get paid. It seems to me though, that it will be more the type of arrangement that DCA has, where you actually have to apply for that job and the employees are not entirely academy grads (in other words they hire from outside as well) but that is where many of them end up.

I actually haven't heard much of anything about this 135 operation but this is the impression I get.

I am actually kind of worried that they may raise prices as a result of all of this new gear. My instructor tells me that they are aware and concerned about sierra already being one of the highest priced flight schools and that it is not probable that they will raise prices, but I can only hope that is the case until we start flying again and find out for sure.