A little motivation


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Saw a link to these guys in another post, they sell the same little desktop model that I picked up at LGB 2 weeks ago for a little desktop motivation, to wit:

I really dig SKYW's 30th anniversary scheme!
I bought one of these for $15 on ebay a couple months ago. I sent that one to my old flight school. I have the Olympic jet sitting on a bookshelf in my family room.

Ahhh yes. Motivation!
I've got a MD-88 in the old color scheme that'd probably 16 inches long and constructed of wood that I purchased last year. The thing is massive, yeah!
Before my internship was over, a bunch of the pilots decided to buy some Saab and Jetstream mahogany models in bulk for a discount. So I was like, "well I'm getting in on that!" So for $150 I got one of those nice mahogany desktop models to start a collection... DANG are they pricey! I think from now on I'll get the ones as above!!
Here's my mahoghany MD-88. I threw in "Sasha" for free:


It's pretty big and I'd like to get a wooden 727, 737 and Skyway Beech 1900D but that's an awful lot of jack for nostalgia!
I've got my 172M model on my desk- oil leaks, exhaust stains, leading edge bug debris, and even a detailed replica of its 1976 faded blue fabric interior. PRICELESS!

Someday, in about 4-5 years......A man can dream right?

It would be cool if all the airline pilots would post a picture of their equipment!

(Please do not misinterpret the above statement, god knows the moderators are busy enough on this site!
The 1:200 Herpa Premium's look awesome:




The details are so fine that the fan blades even spin!


Haven't seen any up on eBay yet but I imagine they're wayyyy to expensive for me right now...