A little Combat flight sim tonight?

Gotta run some errands, but if I'm back and you guys are still on, "Check Six"!
I couldn't find anyone so I waxed some randoms! Yeah! Take THAT Waldo!
I've read a couple reviews of CFS 3 and they weren't that good. Is CFS fairly realistic and a standout, or is CFS just merely a mind-numbing, waxing-bogies, hour of fun? Just asking cause I was thinking about picking it up and I know a couple other have mentioned it. CFS was tough for me cause everytime I tried any sort of ACM maneuver, the screen blacked out from over-G'ing the A/C. Guess it just takes a while to get used to.

Just wait though, the mighty A-10 and others will be out in Lock-On's Modern Air Combat (if they finally release it this summer).
mighty A-10

[/ QUOTE ]

Mighty,,,,, A-10.. in the same sentence?

That's new...

[/ QUOTE ]

Not everyone is as privileged as you to fly the mighty LJ.
Hey, the A-10 has it's downfalls but has proven itself time and again. Just look at the effect the A-10 has had on the latest war. We've flown by far more than everyone else and the Army keeps asking for the A-10....that's proof enough That's who we're there for. As pilots, you've gotta be proud of what you fly. Every aircraft has it's own little benefits and highlights.


P.S. It's not like I said fast and A-10 in the same sentence!!!
Humor folks humor...

A woman I know was married to a LJ guy, He was flying contract stuff for the military. While in the club in germany (I think, but Europe for sure) a bunch of A-10 guys were all having a good time, and a tad drunk.. lets call it Flying "Bar" Missions.. So Patty, who is quite the looker...walks over to the group, leaving her husband at the table. Puts on her sweeeeetest voice and says..

"Excuse me guys.. are you Fighter pilots?

(the guys stand right up to answer the little girl's question, but before they have a chance she continues)

....Or do you fly the A-10?
Nice joke.....good to know. I won't (actually will try not to) fall for that one now. Now if you're in Texas, I'd believe they're sincere. The common joke around was the girl who said "Are you a pilot....all my children have daddies that were pilots." I loved that one.