A list of 4 year colleges with flight schools. Anyone have some?


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I am a Junior in highschool this year, and I really need to figure out where I am going to school. So I was just wondering does anyone have a list of colleges like the University of North Dakota, or the Ohio State University, that are normal colleges, but have "flying(or whatever they call it) as a bachelors. Even if you don't have a list add ones that you know.

UVSC has a degree in aviation. If I'm not mistaken you can do the whole degree via internet. They are in Utah County i.e. happy valley
Daniel Webster College: New Hampshire. Great Place...

Metro State College of Denver:
I'm about to start taking a couple classes here. They have a huge simulatator lab called the World Indoor Airport..
Louisiana Tech
Southern Illinois
Utah State
To name a few.
There are actually quite a few sites that you can look on, you can also do a search on a search engine under "aviation colleges". Here is a website that you can search for aviation colleges by state.

Aviation Colleges Searchable By State

You can also go out and buy a book called The Collegiate Aviation Guide published by the University Aviation Association (UAA) I think the book cost around $20. This book has every aviation college listed in it along with school stats.

Collegiate Aviation Guide
Where are you located?

I just looked at Kansas State of Salina, looks like they have a pretty good program. They use 172's as their primary trainers and bonanzas and barons also. You also get time in a King Air and Citation. Their price is reasonable too!

Embry-Riddle is also an option, the online program is MUCH cheaper than attending campus, but you will need to do the flight traing elsewhere.
For the Pro-Aero degree at ERAU you need to have all your ratings, and a flying job (or be a mechanic, dispatcher, ATC, etc.). Not sure about whatever the other degree is.
Ohio State has a descent program. Kent State in Stow, Ohio is a good program as well. Depending on where you're located, Western Michigan University has a good program.
avi8tor Thanks thats great info, and I live just outside cleveland ohio on the east side. I go to highschool in Cuyahoga Falls just down the street from Kent State. Go to school close to home ? Maybe as long as my parents dont decide to drop in.
Another side note I'd be willing to go anywhere other than UND. Sorry folks great school but uh that winter and being in the middle of nowhere deal doesn't appeal to me as the good college days.
Anchorage might just be ok, hell it was warmer than Cleveland for the last three winters. Crazy stuff.....
LeTourneau in Longview, Tx. has a good aviation program. The school
however is strongly christian based. I went to the Aviation branch at the airport looking to see if one of the instructors could give me an Instrument Currency check. I said damn and thought he was going to faint.

Anyhoo; Admissions is 1-800-759-8811 if you want any information.
I talked with someone at ERAU about their pro-Air degree via online and I was told that all I had to have was my private ticket.

What was up with that???
I'm not doing some degree over the internet. I'm definately going to school. I dont even see how thats possible when it comes to flying planes.

I already go to a Christian Highschool and I plan to get as far away from that stuff as I possibly can. I can't stand having it shoved down my throat, im not going to college to have the same happen.
Fly Chicaga can tell you all about this one.


One of the cool things about U of I is that it's a damn good school and if you're interested in getting your ratings and getting a degree in something else, you can do that just fine. I know a couple of people who were speech communications majors who are now flying professionally (well, one got furloughed so I guess I can't say that anymore).

But let's say you wanted to get a business degree in addition to your ratings. You'd be doing that at a very good school.
I'd recommend U of I. I went to Western Michigan for aviation and if I had it to do over again, and wanted to do aviation I'd go there.

Otherwise pick a school and get a backup degree.


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I definately plan to do a minor or get a back up degree. I've seen too much roller coaster stuff in the airline industry, that I'd be stupid not to.
I talked with someone at ERAU about their pro-Air degree via online and I was told that all I had to have was my private ticket.

What was up with that???

[/ QUOTE ]

Huh, not sure. I know for a fact you have to have "paid work experience in an aviation-related job", and "non-traditional student status." I suppose as long as you had/have a full time aviation related job along with your private that would count. Also, you have to have done at least 12 cr. hrs. at an accredited college. Think about it this way though...if you start it with just your private, you're going to have to take a some B.S. classes to make up your credits. I got like 33 credits for having all my ratings, previous maint. experience, and a full-time flying job. It was a nice boost.