A guy bitten by the bug requests some help!!!!


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I have decided to take the plunge and make a career out of flying.....

Wanted to get some perspectives on the best way to go about it from some of the older owls, as well as the new young guns.....

Got my private....now what? Anybody have any good/bad luck with "pro" schools in the Denver/SE FL area?

I am 24, got a B.S. in marketing from ASU...realized happiness is more important then $$$$$

!!!Please ADVISE!!!
Congratulations. Most folks don't have the drive or ambition to pursue what they REALLY wan to do, especially if it is something as risky, difficult, and expensive as aviation.
My strategy is to make the switch from paying for flight hours to getting paid for them; I can't think of a faster way to build time. I found a flight school nearby (ATP) that would take me from my PPL through all my CFI's in as short amount of time and money possible.
I plan to instruct until I can get picked up at a regional or Part 135 operation.
Well here's some from a young gun:

You're 24!!! You've got plenty of time. Not that you should sit around waiting until you don't; but I see no reason for us younger folks to put ourselves into debt so soon and end up having to pay it off for years (decades?) to come.

My advice is to keep your job (or get one); make some $$$, and use it to flight train without going into debt (maybe a few loans at the most). Aviation's not going anywhere for a while... so grab a snickers and slowly work your way to the top
Capn Jim, THANKS for the kind words!!!! Watch out for the ATP school! I hear its good, but SUPER accelerated!!! I dont think I could handle six or seven ratings in less than 90 days!!!! If you can......go for it !!!!
Hehe, well, I'm already almost done with the program! Only my Commercial Single and CFI Single to go (they do those last for some reason. I already have my MEI and CFII.)
It is real accelerated, so you can't have a job or be attending class while you do it, but it's a really good school, good people, etc.
Capn Jim, What location are you attending at ATP? I have also heard that a LARGE % of students fail a check ride or two....what do you think the % is in your expierence?? Also did you look at any other schools?
I'm attending at the Dallas location, and I haven't failed a checkride---- YET! I only have two to go, so if I screw these up it's no one's fault but my own. I've met a few folks that have busted a ride, but I've met more that have gone through the whole program without a scratch.
My theory about the folks that bust is that they take an "I've paid 34 thousand dollars, so I expect to be spoon-fed the entire program" approach. I understand the sentiment of shelling out a lot of dough, but you really have to put a lot into it yourself. This means studying every night, working with your instructor closely to make sure you have the manuvers down pat; that kind of thing. I'm not saying that I'm a model student or pilot by any means- far from it. I'm just saying that I put forth the effort, recognize my faults and try to correct them.
I chose ATP because: they offered the most for the cheapest (including jet time), they had a location close to me, I had heard good things about them (good reputation), and they tend to hire out of the Career Pilot students, so I stand a fighting chance at being hired as a Multi instructor.
"I've paid 34 thousand dollars, so I expect to be spoon-fed the entire program" approach.

[/ QUOTE ]

hey I am sorry, If I shelled out that cash, they better clean my house, mow my lawn, and keep me in fresh pealed grapes...
Capn Jim, you mentioned a part 135 carrier earlier in the thread.....what is the diff. btwn that and another xyz carrier/flight school......also do you know a reg #/section where they are all listed??

muchos gracias.....
ps-how is the weather in Dallas? do you get any good real ifr time?
... part 135 carrier earlier in the thread........another xyz carrier/flight school.

[/ QUOTE ]

Part 135 is the section of the FARs that covers charter on demand and cargo type operations, vs part 121 which is schdueled airlines.

135 is not a flight school.

There is no comprehensive list of the 135 operators, but the NBAA is a good resource.
^ what he said. Flight training is all covered in the FAR/AIM under parts 121 and 61.
You can get some good actual in Dallas during Spring and Fall, although not as much as someplace like Seattle.
Congradulations on your PP. My advice to you is Take the Plunge. At 24 yrs. you are young enogh to recover from the financiall set back. You are smart or just lucky in that you have your BS. This will serve you well in the future. I hope you are not married or are driving a new car. Both can slow you down from your aviation career. Tighten up your belt and focus on flying and studying. You can achieve happiness and eventually $$$ in aviation. I would research the schools out there and find the one that best fits you. I would recommend a FAR 141 school over a FAR 61 school. Since you will be starting at the instrument / commerciall level seek a school in an enviroment with a competent instructor that will afford you opportunity to log actuall weather time. Start networking for an opportunity to build time, preferably multi engine turbine time. I got my first turbine experience with only 15hrs multi. It's not what you know it's WHO you know. Best of Luck