A For Real Failure!


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I was shooting some approaches today in an almost brand new Cessna 172S at DTO when the volt light came on the annunciator panel. Two minutes later all of the avionics shut down, radios, GPS, transponder. Luckily it was severe clear out and my safety pilot had a portable transceiver with him, so we booked on back to the plane's home field which was about 5 minutes away. I'm not sure what the problem was. Everything looked fine at runup and there were no fuses that popped out. What's the deal?
I had the same thing happen about two weeks ago. During the run up I made sure I had a positive charge from the alternator so I knew it was working at take off, but it failed about 20 minutes into the flight. Basically the alternator failed and then the battery drained very quickly. I thought of it as a good learning experience that helps keep me sharp. The unique part of this story is that we told to bring the plane back into our tower operated home airport by using a cell phone for our calls, it worked well.
The earth's core stopped spinning and caused a electro-magnetic disturbance north of the equator.
Hey, they made the technical drama sound good in that movie The Core LOL!!!!!!!!!!
I am with joe on this one.... lost

somewhere I think this thread headed into some secret area where I think only John T knows.....
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