A few more ATC ?'s


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Ok...if I'm reading things right...

- PUBNAT is for Off-The-Street guys and gals who are wanting to become controllers?

- The number after the PUBNAT is simply just the "latest version?"

- The next PUBNAT would be 7? And is supposedly coming out soon?

- Now, on the faa.gov website, I read the "Path 2" and it says I need to be looking on the ASAP website for the ATC Trainee...but there isn't a Trainee position right now. Will that change when the PUBNAT 7 comes out?

Please go easy on me... :panic:


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If I remember correctly (I am a PUBNAT1 so it has been a while) the announcement will only show up if it is open to apply. Not before it opens and not after it closes. Usually you get about 3 weeks to apply. My advise would be to keep checking it until it shows up. If you have any problems, call the aviation careers center (405-954-4657) and they should be able to tell you when it will open.


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PUBNAT7 is going to come out in Mid-November according to the HR people..... Keep your eyes peeled for it....


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And of course within minutes of the announcement opening there will be a new thread on this forum