9N1 Vansant


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So I'm reading the AOPA mag (Aug '03, pg 102) and it has a blurb about Vansant airport. What a cool airport that is. I landed there once during my PPL flying from TTN. It's a grass strip with painted tires marking the runways. This article says that you can rent one of 6 Stearmans their. You can even solo in them. The insurance has $1000 or $5000 deductables with as little as 30 hours in a tailwheel with 10 in the Stearman. I wish I had some extra money now. By-plane, WWII trainer, open cockpit...sounds like a blast. Maybe someday, soon I'd hope.

So has anyone been there, done that?
Yes, Vansant is a neat little airport. I went there gliding and saw some of the Stearmans. The amount of gliding there is intense! I'd like to get my glider rating, and that would probably be the place if I do.

I am across the riover from them abouit 5 miles.

they have 2 runways. it is something like runway 22/4 and 22.5/4.5 shaped like a V,, it all depends on how much of a down hill run you want or of you want to fly off the razorback.
I used to live near Vansant. I flew a C-150 out of there for a while, 777V I believe. Nice little airport, but I think next time I fly out of there I will fly something with a little more kick to it. That uphill take-off certainly gets your heart pumping with only 100 hp.

It is inspiring to see those old men out there still flying. The CFI that checked me out in the 150 was on up in age. I hope that I still have my medical when I am 60 and beyond...