90 Day Rule


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Just had a simple question about the 90 day rule for take off and landing currency with a passenger that was sparked by a friend of mine.

He last flew November 9th, performed 3 landings, and is hoping to fly with a passenger tomorrow. If you count November 9th, today would be 90 days after 11/9. My interpretation is that he would be current because when he flies tomorrow on February 7th, November 9th, would be within the preceding 90 days as you would not count February 7th.

"...has made at least three takeoffs and three landings within the preceding 90 days..."

Anyways, it's probably a very simple answer but any help if I am not correct would be great.
Being that close to the "90 day" mark, I would go ahead and make another 3 before taking any passengers. just my $.02
I agree. If something were to happen, which way do you think the NTSB would go?

Do the landings, grab the passagner and have fun!

Keep in mind legal does not equal safe, we owe it to our passengers to keep them safe.
Count back 90 days, if "with in" those days you have made three landings for the day/night conditions, you are good.
No need for three just incase landings.
Thanks. He actually realized he had another flight since then that he had not logged yet so it's no issue.

Thanks for the input though. Always interesting when dealing with the wording in the FARs.