9 hours in three days


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Well the airplane was put back together Friday morning and I spent the weekend flying. Not a record but I wracked up about 9 hours over the weekend. Mostly all from the right seat. Felt good to get back in the air. A month-and-a-half of being grounded kinda ...
Good deal. Man, what I wouldn't give for 9 hours right about now. That little proficiency monster is coming to get me. Keep it up!
Not a record but I wracked up about 9 hours over the weekend. Mostly all from the right seat.

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Were you solo?
Most of the left-seat time was solo. But we only have brakes on the left side so most of that time was with Dad and a friend of mine who I was helping him to get IFR current. I got to practice teaching a little and was his safety pilot. Of the nine I probably had 1 or 2 hours of solo time. I enjoy solo but it's much more fun to have someone along.
The reason I ask is because my instructor has said that he wants me to get as much solo right-seat time as I can (for the CSEL) and since I've only flown from the right seat once so far with him in the plane, I just haven't gotten up the nads to do it yet. Nor do I see myself doing so until I get some more time from the right seat with him in the plane.

BTW - if you ever need someone to fly with... COME ON DOWN!!!
I'd be more than happy to.
It's really not a big deal from the right seat. The biggest problem I had was the sight picture. I was used to having an open view to my right and now it's on my left. I'm getting to the point where I don't even think about it. I just hop in (which ever seat) and go.

Oh ... and I'll make it down your way one of these days!
I racked up quite a bit of time over the holiday also. From 10 PM wednesday till 12PM saturday I logged 8.3 hrs in the Seneca. Almost makes me glad that I can't get higher than 145 KTAS at cruise. Only .1 hr actual though