8710 Form Question


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Is it possible to fill out this form via a website, and print it out (opposed to having to hand write it or type it on a type writter?) Is it still valid if it's printed out, complete?
I did that too.

Major brownie points from the DE, especially since my handwriting isn't the best!

I think Doug has a link on the main page, if not just do a search on Google. Make sure you have the latest version of Acrobat reader or it may not work! (happened to me the night before my ride) I almost had a damned heart attack!
I found a couple on the web, but they are in PDF format, and do not allow me to input the data in it =(

Try this website. I don't have any trouble typing in the data fields. If this is an issue, you may need the newest PDF reader software which can be downloaded here. After installing the downloaded software you may have to save the 8710 to your hard drive and re-open it using your new PDF reader.

Hopefully that will solve the problem...