83 year old sees crash landing from 1944 for the first time

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I cant seem to get the video up can some one help?
That's awesome. I love that kind of stuff...

My great uncle was a P-47 pilot who died during the Battle of the Bulge in Luxembourg. About 10 years ago, my grandfather was able to go over there and meet with some people who had actually been living there at the time, and took him to some of the wreckage that was still sitting out in the woods. He came back with some Thunderbolt parts and a ton of pictures. Really cool to see.
Fantastic! Just awesome! Loved it. The look on his face price-less..... RIP lost in that war, and to those veterans who made it back to see their wives and children, those guys fought America's greatest war (WWII).

I just love the honor via memory that this video brings to him.