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I am scheduled to start the 737 Sim during Summer A and was wondering if anyone here has done it already and could give me an idea of what to expect. I would assume that the ground lab is basically the same as the B1900 but I think there are fewer sim sessions. Any help would be appreciated.
YUp Mike, I did the 737 sim.

Same as the 1900 for the most part. The first 3 weeks of ground lab are CBT's. You show up 3 times during those weeks i think to take a quiz/test.

Last 2 weeks are same as 1900. The questions on the 737 study guide have the answers in the back, so its not fill in the blank like the 1900.

Only four sim sessions in orlando. I had the 4am flight w/Mason. We left in the "ghetto cruiser" kinda early, but got back to DAB by 1030. So yeah, only four sims and you pay $1000 more then the 1900, which was 6 sims and a certificate.

If you want to know anything else i'll try to answer it too.

I have one question for anyone who has done this, what can you log this as? I have 4 blank lines in my logbook because i am not 100%. I don't want to leave anything out.

I did had the 0400 block w/Mason too. I asked Tom Peterson what could be logged and he said only "Simulator Time" .. he said you can only log sim time because the sim is only a Level "C" (that's all the one at Lockheed is .. since it only simulates dusk/night & not day) and this 737 course isn't FAA approved. A buddy of mine is in the 737 course right now and those crews might get to fly in the 737-800 sim down at lockheed in orlando .. I guess Delta want's riddles 0400-1000 time slot and the -800 is available during those times. That sim is Level "D" .. it's pretty sweet. Anyways, I only logged my time as "Sim Time" and went in and had Mason sign my logbook as well. I hope this helps you out. You can always ask Mason or Tom Peterson what can be logged just to double check. Take care!
Thanks Jester. I was hoping for multi time, turbine time, and anything else. I wasn't counting on it since it wasn't a pt 142 course like the 1900. I have Mason's john hancock in the logbook, now i just have to fill it in. As long as i log a few approaches with it i'll be happy, need it for currency!

Yea, it is nice that the approaches and everything can be used for instrument currency...we both know how many of those you do in the course! Anyways, I was just curious as to what all you had logged for the 1900 course? I've had different answers from different people. Just wondered what you logged. Take care!
Well Jester it just so happens I have my logbook out right now so here it is. Over 6 flights I logged:
24hrs of ME time, complex time, turbine time (my first such time), dual received, 10.3 sim instrument, 18 ldgs, and 17 approaches. Four of those approaches were my LDA approach on the checkride, resulting in 3 missed because i circled and never got it down. And we got a Pt 142 SIC certificate.
so, there you have it.
Well I just had the first day of 737 ground lab today and they have made some changes to the course. We are now using the 737-800 and they are going to put us in a Level D sim in Orlando. I must say looking at the panel of the 800 is definately much nicer than the Beech 1900.

In the fall they are combining AS430 and AS470 (Beech and 737) to make one course that will teach the CRJ at about half the cost of the current 2 courses. But all the time is going to be in an FTD. I wish I had known that sooner and I could have delayed my graduation a little bit and saved alot of money. Don't have a job waiting for me so it wouldn't have mattered that much.