737 Down In Russia


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Because I don't watch CNN ( Communist News Network ) :D

All they talk about is Obama walked across the street , Obama took a drink of water , Obama is the messiah , Obama will save the world , Obama is for change , Obama ate a cracker etc :D:sarcasm:


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Yeah.... Faux News is so much better:banghead:

I find it amazing how many people want to "hang" someone through guilt by association. How many of you have friends that have done some incredibly dumb things? I'd imagine a fair number of you have. I guess you can't be friends with someone just because of something they did.


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[modhat]Um, folks, this is a thread about that 737 crash, not a thread about Obama or Obama bashing.

Keep it aviation related or it goes to the lav. And it would be kind of weird to move a thread about a airplane crash to the lav because of politics.........[/modhat]


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What the hell people. Just keep turning every single thing into a partisan political debate and see what happens. Hopefully you're also hedging your bets by learning Hindi or Mandarin because they're whipping our ass as we continually contemplate our political navels.


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All I've got to say is that some people are idiots. They make a big deal about the most asinine things imaginable.

On topic though, it's been a rough week for aviation. The thing that amazes me about both these accidents (Madrid and this one in Kyrgyzstan) is that fact that people survived at all. Granted, most of the pictures were taken after the fires had burned out, but structurally it looks like both crashes would have been pretty hard to survive.

Also, the flight was operated by Itek Air, who have been banned from operating in EU airspace for a while now.


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Theres also a Caravan down in Guatemala.:(

Rex , I thought you had a resume in at Fox to fly there 900..............:D