$400,000 for your very own flying Jet car!!!


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Gotta love the lady that is the first to reserve one of these. She mentions to love of her lexus and now being able to "Own" the skies. Maybe they forget to tell her she needs to be a pilot 1st?

Gotta say this is a sweet looking ride. 400 MPH in the air and 120 on land.

Just give them your name and credit card and your set. LOL
Did anyone tell her she has to build it first!

The fine print:

"The TAERO is being first introduced as an experimental, owner assembled craft with plans for subsequent development as a fully certified air/land vehicle for business and commercial use."
That has got to be the goofiest, most un-airworthy thing I've ever seen...

Okay, maybe not.. But it IS goofy looking.. Looks like something out of a 1950's future magazine!

Not just a PPL, but your IR, ME, MEI, and a type rating. Plus, inurance premiums will be outrageous. I don't see this thing ever hitting the floor or skies for that matter.
That has got to be the goofiest, most un-airworthy thing I've ever seen...

[/ QUOTE ]
I agree. My question is this, how do you drive it on the road with the wing span.

I'm imagining taxiing a 172 through downtown Cleveland. Not a pretty sight.

I would assume too that there is some sort of control lock on the control surfaces. Imagine doing 60 MPH and suddenly getting into ground effect.

There is no way the FAA is going certify this.

There's the old saying, "If it looks right, it will fly right."
This thing can't possibly fly right.
Just look at the distance between the horizontal stab and the wing! That thing is coupled so short that I am sure it will not only be unstable, but the control forces needed to manuver it will undoubtedly be tremendous! Boy, that thing would really be a gas in rush hour traffic though! Cant get around em? UP AND OVER! ha ha.