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This may be a little vague, but how does tuition at MTSU compare to somewhere like ERAU? I've heard, ERAU is quite expensive, which pretty much eliminates it from my choices. Is tuition at MTSU closer to a normal university, or extremely high/low?
Replys are appreciated...
Tuition right now is about $1800 a semester.

I fly a 172, and it costs $72 an hour.
Even More Expensive For Some....

Tuition is much higher at MTSU if you are a non-resident of the state. I will be attending in the fall, and I'll fork out about $4600/semester as a full time student. Contrary to popular belief, you WILL NOT qualify for in-state tuition after you've been attending for a year....so you will have to suck it up!!!! Luckily, I will be transfering and already have my commercial out of the way...otherwise, I'd have to pay for alot more flight labs!!!!!