35 Hrs Multi PIC Time Build at ATP


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Saw the 35 Hr Multi time build program on the ATP website.
I was wondering if anyone has taken the program and could provide some input about their experiences, or if anyone has any info about it please let me know. 35 Hrs for $3495 is not a bad price, and it would be helpful for insurance when getting checked out to fly other twins not to mention the cross country twin time. Right now the Seminole i'm flying rents for $153 p/hr on a wet rate. Its the most reasonable twin in my area to rent, in comparison it looks like it would be worth the price.


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Great timing, braidkid said he starts the 35 hr deal tomorrow at Manassas, I'm sure he'll post a report in a week or so.


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Well, I'm packing my bags and heading to Manassas tonight for the 35 hour program starting tomorrow. I'll be sure to let you know the details when I get back next week.

As for a quick synopsis....the time building is split between safety pilot and the pilot flying the airplane. That is how the price is so affordable. They teach you airline call outs during takeoffs and approaches as well as CRM in the cockpit. It seems like an excellent program to meet insurance minimums which is why I'm doing it. I've heard they will more than likely be sending me on cross countries to Jacksonville and Atlanta because this is where their maintenance hubs are located.

Another multi time building program you may consider is Ari-Ben Aviator located in Florida. They have a 100 hour multi time building program for $6k which is an even better deal!! However, you are limited to flying at night within the state of Florida.

More to come next week....


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Thank you, I look forward to your input.

If you find yourself in JAX after the 4th of Jan, if the program last that long, let me know and maybe I can fly up there from DAB so we can all have lunch. Hope that the flying goes well and safe.