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Well...Within a period of 6 months, I just lost my second relationship to good old aviation. Not really that big of a deal, as it was more of a fling, & I didn't see it turning into anything more, so it was coming sooner or later, but the 6-7 days a week sunrise to sunset or later schedule wasn't helping lol.

It's funny though...Getting into aviation you hear all the tales, and maybe you try and just call them stereotypes that wont happen to you, but they do. Ahhhhh, to be a pilot. Well, it's back to having fun. At least she gave me Saturday night tomorrow, instead of a weekday breakup hehe.


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Ahhhh....so you're familiar with AIDS (Aviation Induced Dating/Divorce Syndrome) I see. I was lucky and already had my wife all tied up before I turned into a pilot...