2 year assocaite degree


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Is it really worth to do 2 years associate degree program for flight training from any good collage ...

if yes which are the good collages


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In this day and age 2yr degrees aren't really worth the paper they are printed on, especially if they are professional pilot degrees. Get a BS or BA or something you're interested in and the investment will pay off in spades over the course of your lifetime.


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The 2 year degree is a great way to inexpensively complete your 1st 2 years, and then transfer your aviation degree to a 4 yr college that has an agreement with the 2 yr school. I just finished my 4 year aviation degree through SIU, but I completed the 1st 2 years at Palomar College and transferred. It saved me a lot of $ and in the end, I have the same 4 year B.S. degree. I found out about the program through Pinnacle Aviation Academy in San Diego, there may be similar programs near you. If you are interested their website is: http://www.pinnacleacademy.com/career/