1st class eyes


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My AME told me on my last visit that I passed for the 2nd class by the skin of my teeth b/c of eye sight. With the current state of the economy and an uncertain job market, I wanted to shoot for the first class to help the resume. When I go see the eye doc., do I need to tell him/her of my goal to pass an AME first class? Is it possible for an eye doc. to correct me for "normal day to day life" and but not enough for the near-mid-far vision needed for the first class? Thanks for any info.


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Getting your first class is not going to help your resume. Just tell your eye doctor need your glasses corrected to 20/20.


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It's weird because I have no problem seeing the colors while flying like runway lights, threshold lights, etc, but I have trouble with the plates. Can anyone else relate to this?