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Hello All,

I'm planning ahead a couple of years. Anyways I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice on the following: I was thinking about doing some kind of 135 Training at an FBO, or flight academy, to prepare me for the ATP 135 Written and for a future 135 job. Would the training help me out any with the ATP written? Or being hired?

Thinking hypothetically, lets say I get hired by a 135 company, will they send me through 135 training? What is involved in 135 Training?

I appreciate all the other advice you guys have given me in the past! Thanks!

I **think** you mean that you're interested in doing some training under Part 61 or Part 141. I'm not aware of any Part 135 flight training at academies or FBO's.

The bottom line (before you get inundated with "go here, it's the best" responses) is Do What Is Best For Y.O.U. - YOU.

If you can afford to go to an academy and not work and desire or need a more structured, classroom setting - go that route.

If you want to work and fly on the side and keep yourself motivated and go a slower route - go the FBO route.

THEN - after you have completed all of your ratings and built your hours through instructing, banner towing, charter - et al...to the 1200TT 100+ ME, THEN you can start thinking about a Part 135 gig.

Hope that helps.

I actually have read somewhere that some places do have Part 135 Training, through a part 61 or 141 school. I m guessing they just teach you about 135 FARs, weight and balance for bigger planes I guess?
Part 135 training, as in REAL Part 135 training, is company specific training, much like the training you will receive as a new hire at an airline (just nowhere near as long, and less comprehensive). The biggest concentration is on company operations, therefore it would not be helpful to you at this point. Additionally, it is only really for people that are about to start flying for the company they're training with and is not usually available to any old Joe wanting to do it.

Many smaller companies contract with a Part 142 Training Center (like FSI or SimuFlite) to do this training for them.

There may be places out there that offer training in 135 procedures and regulations, CRM, etc. but that is not 135 training per se. It is not official and probably carries little weight with it.

I don't remember where you're at in terms of training, but I'd concentrate on getting all your FAA certificates and ratings and building up some time before thinking too seriously about which career progression route to take.

Ok thanks for the response. Right now im at Embry-Riddle. I transfered in the year with my Commercial Multi Instrument. I am starting to work on my CFI. So hopefully I can get hired either at riddle or a local FBO, and build hours. My goal is to build 1000 hours by the time I graduate. Im working on my BS and will also try to get my masters here. So im looking at another 3 years of college. So that will give me about 2.5 years of flight instructing. So im shooting to build 1000 hours, which will put me at 1600 hours TT. When I graduate I just want to be somewhat ready to start applying for a 135 operation, and maybe if the airline industry gets better apply to a Regional. So thats what im looking at doing. Again thanks for the responses.