10-hr multi add-on experience


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Day 1: I arrived at 8 am to meet my instructor. He was a really nice guy and I knew he would do a good job. We flew with one of his students to another airport for a checkride. While his student was doing the checkride we went over ground stuff. He told me exactly how to perform each maneuver and what power settings to use for each. I felt very comfortable with all the maneavers as a result of this discussion. We flew back to our home base. I flew for about 30 minutes in the sim going over one of the local instrument approaches. After that I went back to my apartment to go over all the ground information and prepare for the next day.

Day 2: I got my first flight in the afternoon. We flew for about 2.7. It was my first flight in a twin!! Fortunately I got one of the newer Seminoles (2000). The airplane was in EXCELLENT shape and practically brand new!! The Garmin GPS really helped in overall situational awareness during instrument approaches. We went over all the maneavers and then flew multiple approaches. The instrument approaches were my toughest obstacle since I only teach primary students and never do any instrument flying to keep current. I was very worried that I wouldnt be ready for the checkride after my first flight but was reassured that I'd be ready. After the flight I went to my apartment to get ready for the next day.

Day 3: We did two flights on day 3. I felt comfortable with all the manuevers (steep turns, slow flight, stalls, Vmc, etc..) after these flights. It was just ironing out my single engine flying and instrument approaches for my checkride the next day!! I was so nervous and thought I'd never be ready for my checkride.

Day 4: My instructor and I went out that morning to fly a flight that would be very similar to my checkride. Everything felt good and my instructor signed me off!! Now all there was to do was wait for my checkride that afternoon!! Nothing's worse then spending 4 hours pacing around waiting for a checkride with nothing else to do. My checkride was a breeze!! The oral lasted about 20 minutes and the ride was 1.2 on the hobbs!! We did the usual maneuvers required, single engine NP approach, short field takeoff and normal landing and it was over!!!

I can't believe that I'm now a commercial multi-engine pilot!! ATP certaintly did a good job getting me ready for the checkride. I would highly reccomend anyone looking to get there multi add-on to check them out. I'm going back on monday to do there 35 hour ASAP time building program. I'll let you know how that program goes as well. Any questions, feel free to ask...


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That's cool, I'm looking to go there for the ACPP. I visited the place about a month ago--met with an instructor named Tony...seemed like a pretty good, easy-going guy.


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Yes, the place was very nice. It's cool to have a museum to walk through while things are slow!! Also, the new Seminoles were very nice to fly in.


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Thanks for the great report, Brainkid!

I will be doing my multi this summer and ATP sounds more and more like the way to go.


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I just finished up the 10-hour program as well. It went great and I highly recommend it to others looking at getting their ME rating.

braidkid, let us know how the 35 hour ASAP program goes. I am interested in the particulars of that as well.