1 Ticket Left :O Better Hurry !!!!!

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fer yer health
Alright I bit the bullet and just bought 2 tickets so I am in. Should I bring my girlfriend? She's an FA at Virgin... she's cool.


I'm in too, really looking forward to it! Also, I might be driving from Phoenix & if I do I may have an open seat available if anyone in the area needs a ride... :smoke: ......


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I would, but I'm home with my wife before finishing training to spend a long time overseas. Priorities man...

In a few years I might be able to come!


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I'm bringing my gf who's well versed in handling "pilot speak"...however, she will much appreciate having other people's GF's there to hangout with!


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Technically 12. But I might have to pull a couple more out of the inventory since there are a couple invited guests.

No details. Use your networking skills at the event to find out who they are! :)
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