south america

  1. FlapOperator

    Ferry Flight Stops - Hotel Tips Needed

    Hey, y'all. Newbie here. I'm ferrying a plane from South America, through the Caribbean, then to the SE U.S. We have a stop at St. Martin (French side) and although we only need a hotel for one night, the prices are looking pretty steep. Although money shouldn't be that much a concern for the...
  2. manniax


    Just saw this on the book of get those resumes ready to submit!
  3. Shane Cassell

    Chicago to South America flight planning assistance

    I am planning a ferry flight from the Chicago area to Central Argentina in a Piper Arrow. Right now, I am trying to figure cost and where the different fees would be coming from. I am wondering if anyone has some experience flying in Central and South America and the Caribbean who would be...