1. manniax

    Question for Skywest dispatchers

    Heard about this proposed operation recently: As it would be Part Skywest still planning to operate these flights with existing dispatchers? As it would be a different operating certificate and operated under Part 135...
  2. DogwoodLynx

    SkyWest DX Opening - Feb 2018 Its open again!! Pay is $16.15/hour Good luck to all the applicants!
  3. Stavo90

    Looking for a place to live in Utah

    I just accepted a job at SkyWest and I'm trying to find a home to share in St George. Anyone have suggestions as to where to look or have connections there?
  4. NC-Sean

    Latest Skywest interview

    I posted this on willflyforfood but figured I would copy it to here too. Flown positive space to SLC Interview with 2 Captains, one CRJ one E175, both live in SLC but domiciled in DEN. 6 people interviewing, 2 young CFI guys, 2 Feeder Caravan pilots (one in his late 50s) and 1 former European...