1. gullwing93

    Any regional paying for relocation?

    Hey all! I just completed my Dispatch certificate and am eager to get to work, but I'm kind of stuck in my location. Is it unheard of for regional airlines to offer relocation funds to new hires? If they don't that makes sense, I'm just wondering if it's totally impossible. Thank you all!
  2. CrippleHawk

    A question for dispatchers on Autopilot MELs (Airlines)

    Is it a new policy for airlines to fix the autopilot MEL when they go back to base? Or is it based on airline OPSPEC? The airline I work (name REDACTED) for requires the autopilot to be repaired when it heads back to an MX base. Basically it's a one leg trip from an outstation. They use to...
  3. DogwoodLynx

    Silver Airways - DX/OCC Duty Manager Opening....
  4. Chris16

    Envoy schedule new hire

    Just curious as to how envoy’s schedule is for new hire captains. I’ve heard a lot of rumors that it’s not commutable at all. I appreciate the info.
  5. NC-Sean

    Latest Skywest interview

    I posted this on willflyforfood but figured I would copy it to here too. Flown positive space to SLC Interview with 2 Captains, one CRJ one E175, both live in SLC but domiciled in DEN. 6 people interviewing, 2 young CFI guys, 2 Feeder Caravan pilots (one in his late 50s) and 1 former European...