pilot career

  1. M

    Non type rated Direct Entry PIC - Gulfstream G200 (Chicago)

    Pilot in Command – Gulfstream G200 Full-Time - Chicago, IL Jet Linx is seeking qualified Non-typed Direct Entry Pilot in Command candidates for our Super Midsize jet aircraft for Part 91 and 135 flight operations. It is expected that the candidate lives, or be willing to relocate, within a...
  2. S

    Operators With Extended Work Schedules

    Hello! I was wondering if any of you would be familiar with any operators that would have some sort of work schedule that would require extended work periods of either a deployment type style or constant travel. Even if it was before the virus I would be curious to know if these operators...
  3. P

    High School Senior with a few questions

    I'll be graduating HS this July and trying to figure out the best, for me, path to become a commercial pilot. There's so much info out there, and so many groups with agendas, that its become difficult to determine my best path forward. I live in North NJ and have been accepted to several four...
  4. S

    Got charged with a DUI. I am still in high school. (18 yrs old)

    I am interested in becoming an airline pilot, but recently I was parked with my keys in the ignition sleeping when I got the cops called on me (I know, I am stupid). The officer did all his tests and came to the conclusion I was under the influence. I have gotten a lawyer and hopefully I can get...
  5. B

    FedEx Career

    Hi. I'm Blake and I have one year left of high school. I have a passion for flying, and one day I want to be a pilot. Specifically a FedEx pilot. How do I go about doing that? What is the best way? Should I go to the Air Force? Should I go flight school and get my licenses now? I plan on going...
  6. Alex Thach

    Fixed Wing Pilots & Instructors

    Hey Everyone, CAE USA is currently hiring experienced Pilots and Instructors for the C-12 and Grob 120TP. These jobs are for the Fixed Wing program located in Dothan, AL. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a great company and program. Check out this article for more information on the...
  7. Alaska_Melanie

    Pilot in Command for Part-135 Carrier in Alaska needed.

    It's an exciting time to work at Grant Aviation! We're a growing, made-in-Alaska Part 135 carrier known for our strong track record of safety, and for being one of the friendliest airlines in Alaska. We are currently seeking to fill several Pilot in Command positions for Cessna 207s, GA8...
  8. H

    should i go for the job of my dreams ?

    hello everybody i have always dreamed of becoming an airline pilot few days ago i decided that it's about time i go for it i have family in canada and USA and they said they will help go to any good school in there so i started reading articles about it pilot career... some of them says thats...