1. aaman256

    Looking for time building partners in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area

    Hey everyone, looking to build about 30 hours X-country PIC time as quickly as I can. I know a few reputable places to rent a C172 in KTMB, KOPF and KFXE. If anyone is interested in flying with me as a safety pilot and logging some PIC time let me know! Also if anyone owns an airplane and is...
  2. Diego

    Time Building KTMB

    Hello everyone, I found a brand new Flying Club based on KTMB. There fees are pretty cheap: Monthly fee: $60 Hourly Rate: $40 (dry) Sign up fee: $0 Aircraft: Piper Warrior II. The $60/month also includes 2 hours of SIM (they charge $30/hour for the SIM). That said, if you use the SIM for 2...