1. FlapOperator

    Bolivia Aeronautical Information Publication

    Posting this under ATC since it's about a publication. Single engine plane was sold by this guy who is in aircraft sales and client is in Bolivia. I'm hired to fly the da** thing down there. Client arranged with seller to pick it up at Viru Viru intl' (SLVR). To get to the country's AIP...
  2. WXDispatch

    Omni Dispatch?

    Hi everyone, I used to work for a small charter carrier and got laid off back in March. I was still very much so at the beginning stages of my dispatch career (where you have garbage poverty wages), and I'm wondering what I should expect with OAI? I have student loans and need to replace an...
  3. Joepilot84

    Reclear flight plans under Part 135

    I have been trying to find some guidance in relation to the legality of filing and flying a reclear flight plan under part 135. Under part 121 opspec BO-44 is required as per but under 135 there is no such opspec. FSIMS states...