1. R

    Instrument checkride with Silva Jr. Thomas

    I'm going to have the instrument checkride with Silva Jr Thomas in Arizona, does anybody have some suggestions or advise please tell me. I'm in part 141. Thanks alot!!!
  2. R

    Instrument checkride with Gimbel.D

    I'm going to have a Instrument checkride with Gimbel Daniel in Arizona. Does anybody have some information or suggestions for me? I'm in part141 flight school. Thanks a lot!
  3. LATech_ADX

    Sheffield tips

    I'm in the June class at Sheffield and straight out of college with my Aviation Management degree and PP certificate. I've been reading all about these threads and which schools, but I just want to see if anyone has a few tips for me before I begin. I've heard "it's fast paced", "take the ADX...